Polymer Clay Ideas

Try these polymer clay ideas to make this great checkered cane. You will also find a tutorial on making a table mat with your finished cane.

Polymer clay is tough, durable and waterproof once baked so it's great for making coasters. 

You can also buy special varnishes to protect it from heavy use. 

This is the second page in a series of three tutorials if you want to start at the beginning go to polymer clay techniques.

Mia's Top Tip

The clay can build up on your fingers, tools and work surface. 

It can be hard to keep the colors bright and uncontaminated when using several colors. 

Use baby wet wipes to wipe your hands, tools and work surface. 

Polymer Clay Ideas Tutorial

Place all the logs together creating the checkered pattern as shown in the photo.

Roll out a length of clay large enough to cover your checkered log.

Trim one short edge and one long edge.

Place your checkered log on the trimmed short edge as shown in the photo.

Roll the clay around the checkered log, keeping it as square as possible. 

Cut the excess clay and smooth the join.

Your log should now look like the one in the photo.

Soften and make a log out of another piece of clay.

This should be roughly twice the length of your square log and the diameter should be a little less than the width of your square log.

Cut the log in half so you have 2 approx the same length.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

Compare your work so far with the photo on the left. 

So far we have completed the internal square and we're about to start on the white area. 

This helps you to see how the cane is created so you can start designing your own. 

What would you like to do now?

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