Polymer Clay Instructions

Polymer clay instructions on how to make a checkered cane. These step by step instructions and photo's make it easy for you to make your own polymer clay canes.

Although the canes look complicated the process is simple.

As with most things the more you practice the more elaborate designs you can create. 

This cane can be used for lots of different projects. 

You will find some suggestions at the bottom of the page. 

This is the third and last page in a series of tutorials if you want to start at the beginning go to polymer clay techniques.

Mia's Top Tip

This checkered pattern would look great in black and white. 

You could double the number of squares in both directions to give a chequerboard appearance. 

Another alternative idea would be to outline each of the square blocks in a contrasting color before joining them together. 

There are so many variations possible, the only limit is your imagination. 

Polymer Clay Instructions Tutorial

Cut each log in half length ways. 

Press each half of the log around your square log as shown in the photo. 

Gently roll the log until the clay around the edges joins together.

The checkered inside should still be square in shape.

Roll out another piece of clay and trim the long edge.

Place your log on the long edge and roll the clay around it.

Trim off the excess clay and smooth down the join.

Your log should now look like the one in the photo. 

Cut of the end to reveal the checkered square pattern inside the round log.

Do not bake the cane, store in an airtight container.

The cane will stay soft and flexible for weeks and you can use it in many different projects.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

This cane can be used in lots of different polymer clay projects. 

To make the table mat in the photo go to this polymer clay tutorial

It could also be used to make the tealight candle holder

We also have a bead tutorial that uses canes or you could use slices to make earrings or pendants.  

To have a go at making a different type of cane go to my polymer clay projects page. 

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