Polymer Clay Jewelry Projects

Polymer clay jewelry projects for you to make with easy to follow step by step instructions. Make a gorgeous necklace with your clay beads and chain with this great tutorial.

You can use polymer clay beads in most of my jewelry making projects. This one was created especially for polymer clay beads but you could use glass or wooden beads instead if you prefer.

Materials and Equipment

  • Chain necklace with clasp.
  • Wire cutters
  • 7 Polymer clay beads
  • 7 Eye-pins or make your own with wire
  • Round nose pliers

Mia's Top Tip

Make your beads before starting this project.

You will need 4 tube beads and 3 round beads to make this necklace.

To make the beads used in this polymer clay jewelry project go to my making polymer beads page.

Polymer Clay Jewelry Projects Tutorial

If you are using an eye-pin thread the bead on to the eye-pin and continue from step 3.

If you are using wire you need to make an eye-pin first.

Bend the wire to form a right angle as close to the top of the bead as possible.

Use the round nose pliers form a loop in the end of the wire.

This is easier if done a bit at a time rather than all in one go.

Thread on the bead making sure the loop is in the center of the bead.

Using the wire cutters trim the wire sticking out of the bead to 1cm above the bead.

Bend the wire to a right angle again and make another loop going in the opposite direction to the first loop.

Mold the wire so it forms a loop above the bead, make sure the loop is closed and sits directly above the bead.

Using the wire cutters cut your chain in half and remove the cut link.

Working from one side of the chain, cut off 3 sections each of them 3 links long.

Repeat on the other side of the chain so you have 6 sections of chain all of them 3 links in length.

Carefully open the eye-pin on your bead and attach to one side of the long chain.

Close the eye-pin and attach one of the 3 link chains to the eye-pin on the other side of the same bead.

Attach your next bead to the 3 chain.

Continue adding beads and the small 3 link chains until all your beads are used.

Finish by attaching the last bead to the long chain.

Your necklace should look like the one in the photo below.

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