A Polymer Clay Tutorial

This polymer clay tutorial will show you how to make a table mat from a cane. The square checkered pattern inside this cane is very different to the usual cane patterns and is ideal for making this table mat.

This is an easy project that requires no specialist equipment.

You can use other canes for this project but as you have to square the edges of the slices make sure you use a suitable patterned cane.

You could use canes of one color, use 2 or more contrasting or complemantary colors for the mat design. 

You could also use this cane to make a matching clay candle holder.

To make the cane used in this project go to my polymer clay techniques page.  

Mia's Top Tip

The clay you use to fill in gaps should be the same color as the outside of your cane.

If you do not have any of that color clay you can wrap your cane in another color clay.

You will then have some left over clay in the same color as the outer edge of your cane. 

Fill any gaps in your finished table mat with spare pieces of clay before you bake.

Just roll out a little clay making sure it is very soft and push into any cracks.
Smooth the clay and add more until the cracks can no longer be seen.

Materials and Equipment

  • Polymer clay cane
  • Cutting blade or knife
  • Rolling pin
  • Oven 

Need Supplies?

Go to clay table mat supplies to find all you need for this craft.
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Polymer Clay Tutorial

Roll out your cane so it has a width of around 2cm (3/4").

Cut of a length approx 4.5 cm (2").

Cut out 9 equal sized slices from your cane each approx 0.5cm (1/4").

Carefully square the edges so the internal square is positioned as in the photo.

Repeat for all 9 slices.

Gently push two of the squares together until the stick and smooth the join.

This is easiest if you start by joining three squares together.

Then add three more squares to the first three.

Gently smooth out the joins as you work.

Finally add the last 3 squares.

Repeat step 4 until all the squares are joined as shown in the photo.

Roll out a piece of cane until it is approx 1cm (just over 1/2") in diameter.

Cut off 12 slices each approx 0.5cm (1/4").

Arrange them around the outside of your square as in the photo.

Square each slice as you did with the larger slices in step 3.

Join them to the larger square tile shaping them to fit.

Roll out the whole tile until it is flat.

Fill in any gaps with spare pieces of clay as shown in the top tips above.

Bake according to the manufacturers instructions.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

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