Print Out Coloring Pages

Mia’s free print out coloring pages will keep you and the little ones occupied for hours. Discover our fabulous free coloring pages, all of the printable coloring sheets are designed and drawn by me.

You will find loads of kid’s printables, some are educational like the shapes to color pages and others are just plain fun. We also have some more detailed coloring pages for you or older kids to color in.

Color or Colour

To color or to colour, I’m from the UK and we spell it here as colour, but the US version is far more widely searched for so I’ve used that on my pages.

Those pages that have the word color written on them are available in both UK English and US English just choose which you prefer.

Memories in Color

I spent hours with my coloring books and pencils as a child.

I hope you also have fond memories of coloring books and pencils and want to give your children the same chance to enjoy such a simple passtime.  

These pages will keep your kids occupied and busy even on rainy days.

It’s amazing how relaxing it is to color in. It requires concentration especially the more intricate coloring pages.

It’s a great way to escape the stresses of everyday life for just a little while.

Your mind becomes focused on choosing the right color, keeping within the lines, applying the right amount of pressure.

For a little while all your daily worries and concerns can be pushed from your mind. Let your creativity have free reign, forget your troubles and lose yourself in creating something pretty.

Materials and Equipment

  • Print out coloring pages
  • Coloring pens, pencils or crayons

Need Supplies?

Go to coloring pages supplies to find all you need for this craft.
We've been asked several times where to get the supplies to make these crafts. We've read through loads of reviews to bring you the best products at affordable prices.
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Print Out Coloring Pages Template

You will need acrobat reader installed on your computer to view and print these designs. You can download it for free by clicking on the adobe reader button on the right.

US English Color Sheets

UK English Colour Sheets

Kids Printable Activities

Sun Coloring Pages

Print Out Coloring Pages

Mia's Top Tip

With the shape print outs you can set your child tasks, like color in 5 triangles in blue and 6 in red.

The scribble print outs are easy to replicate, get your child to scribble all over a piece of paper in large circles, then color in the shapes they create.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

Your kids will love it if you color in a page too as you are doing something together away from the television and the computer.

You can show them how to get different effects by pressing harder or lighter with the pencil.

Show them how to use smaller strokes near the edges so you keep within the lines.

Showing your child and doing things together teaches them so much more than telling them how to do something or buying them fancy equipment.

You will talk about your pictures and why you have chosen the ones you have. This is real quality time something the TV cannot provide.

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