Recipe for Salt Dough

The basic recipe for salt dough is very simple, there's no cooking involved just simply mix the ingredients together in a bowl and knead. Basic salt dough is easy to make using just flour, salt and water. The finished dough can last for over a month if stored well.  

Modelling with salt dough is lots of fun. It's not just for kids to play with either.

You will find yourself making some lovely accessories for you and your home very soon.

You will also find useful tips and techniques for making your own salt dough crafts.

You will find that you already have most of the ingredients and materials you will need in your kitchen or tool box.

Mia's Top Tip

Store your dough in the fridge when not in use.

Wrap well in cling film or place in a plastic bag.

Whilst using the dough remove only a little at a time to work with or the dough will dry out and the salt will crystallize giving a rough surface.

Salt dough can be kept in the fridge for a month or more, it may become damp after a long storage period just add more flour when you are ready to use it.
It may also develop a sharp smell but it is still fine to use and the smell will disappear once it has been baked.

Materials and Equipment

Equipment you may want to use include pastry cutters, knife or modelling tools, rolling pin, garlic press, beads and other decorative items.

You may also want to us a chopping board or glass work top protector to work on. 

This is not a comprehensive list and you may wish to use other items with your salt dough craft ideas. 

For salt dough sculpture you will need wire, wire cutters and pliers as shown in the photo below.

Recipe For Salt Dough

  • 3 cups of plain flour
  • 1 cup of table salt
  • 1 cup of water
  • Large bowl for mixing
  • Cup for measuring
  • Board for kneading
  • Baking Tray
  • Greaseproof Paper
  • Spray on cooking oil
  • Cling film or plastic food bag for storage

Salt Dough Tutorial

Put all the ingredients into a bowl.

Mix until you have a smooth pliable dough.

Baking Salt Dough

You can bake your salt dough in a regular oven. There are 2 different methods for baking that I use depending on the thickness of the dough.

Try to time the baking when the oven will not be in use. If the dough cools too much before being fully baked it can cause air bubbles beneath the surface.

You can use cooking spray oil to grease any mold or container that you use to bake your dough on.

For flat pieces bake on a baking tray covered with grease proof paper.

Always pre-heat your oven before putting your salt dough pieces in to bake.

For thick pieces of dough bake in the oven at 100oC/200oF for around 12 hours or overnight depending on the thickness of the dough.
Thinner pieces may only take around 4 hours but you can reduce the temperature a little to leave them overnight if you prefer.

Leave the dough on the baking sheet to cool before trying to move.

If you do have to remove your dough from the oven before baking has finished try to keep it warm until you can continue the baking.

If air bubbles do appear use a safety pin to pop the bubble and smooth the dough back down you may have to apply a little water to get the surfaces to stick back together.

Rolling Out Your Salt Dough

Use craft sticks to get your rolled out dough to a uniform thickness. 

You can make a range of sizes starting with one stick or glue several sticks together for larger pieces.

I find three sticks glued together gives a good thickness for bases and plaques.

Roll the dough between the two sticks so that the rolling pin runs along them on both sides of the dough.

Joining Your Salt Dough Pieces

Water acts like a glue for salt dough.

For small pieces of dough dampen the the pieces that will be joined and place them together.

When joining two larger pieces of dough together you will need to use a knife or flat modelling tool.

Place your pieces together as instructed above. Get the knife or modelling tool wet with a little water then carefully scrape a little dough from one piece to the other to create a seal.

Coloring Your Salt Dough

Once you have made your dough you can easily add color to it, click on the link for Mia's colored salt dough recipes.

There are two different options using either acrylic or powdered paints.

The link will open in a new window so you won't lose this page.

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