Reef Knot

The reef knot is a very common knot and is probably the first knot we ever learned to tie. It's used in shoelaces to create the bow so even kids should find this one easy.

It's really useful for joining fabric strips or lengths of yarn.

It's not a particularly sturdy knot but is fine for most craft projects.

It is also easy to undo if you don't pull it to tight so can be used as a temporary knot where necessary.

Mia's Top Tip

When done correctly the ends will stay close to the fabric or yarn rather than stick out in different directions.

It's a great way of joining fabric strips for braiding or weaving instead of stitching.

It's not too bulky so will not ruin your work with bumps and lumps like an overhand knot.

Reef Knot Tutorial

Take two different colored pieces of yarn or cord.

Using different colors will help you follow the diagram easier.

I will refer to the cord as being either green or purple to make it easier to follow.

You can use any color cord, the one on the right will be the 'green' and the one on the left 'purple'.

Lay the green cord over the purple one as in the diagram. 

Tuck the green cord under the purple one. 

Then bring the green cord up in front of the purple cord as in the picture. 

Bend the purple cord over as in the diagram and bring the green cord up and over it creating a gap between the two cords. 

Take the green cord around the purple and through the gap. 

Pull the ends of both cords to tighten the knot.

It should now look like the image below.

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