Salt Dough Animals

Making salt dough animals like this sheep is fun with this tutorial and step by step photo's. 
The instructions can easily be adapted to make a variety of salt dough sculptures.

You may find this a little tricky at first as salt dough is very soft and doesn't hold it's shape well.

Make sure your armature supports the dough and stops it from falling in on itself.

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Salt Dough Animals Tutorial Page 2

Add a small lump of dough to the front of the head. Use a little water to stick it in place. 

This will become the sheep's nose and mouth.

Use a knife or flat modelling tool to make a slit in the dough for the mouth.

Add two pieces of dough to either side of the sheep head for ears.

Use a little water to stick them in place.

Make two small holes for eyes and embed the tiny seed beads. 

Shape two flattish pieces of dough for the sheep's front legs. 

Use a little water to stick them in place.

Make two indentations in the sheep's snout for nostrils.

Use your knife or modelling tools to shape the front legs of your sheep. 

Use a pointed tool to create a wool effect, as seen in the photo. 

Leave the sheep's nose and the front of his ears smooth.

Bake following the instructions below.

Once completely dried you can paint your sheep if you want.

Finish with two coats of varnish to seal the dough and stop it absorbing moisture.

Baking Your Salt Dough

Bake in the oven at 100oC for around 12 hours or overnight depending on the thickness of the dough.

The dough should be completely solid when baked properly. You can test a piece by trying to insert the tip of a safety pin into the bottom of the dough ornament, if the pin pushes into the dough easily then continue baking.

Another test is to gently tap the bottom of the dough ornament with your finger, it should sound hollow if thoroughly dried.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

You can easily adapt this basic salt dough sculpture into any type of animal, make the ears stick up or droop down for a dog.

Flatten the face a little and round the ears for a cat.

Round the face and bring it to a point for a rabbit, the ears could bend down over the side of it's head.

Kid's coloring books are a great resource when looking for caricatures of animals to make.

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