Salt Dough Crafts - Egg Cup

Salt dough crafts are easy and fun to make. This egg cup makes a great Easter project but can be made any time of the year. Make a whole set for all the family.

With this simple salt dough recipe, step by step instructions and photo's you will find it easy to make your own salt dough creations.

A fun and quirky addition to any breakfast tray and a great gift for Mother's or Father's day.

They look great with a real boiled egg or use the to display your chocolate Easter eggs.

The bowls are not waterproof but will wipe clean with a damp cloth if you varnish them well.

Preparation ~ Recipe for Salt Dough

If you haven't yet made your dough click on the link for Mia's recipe for salt dough.

You will find easy to follow instructions and photo's to show you how to make the basic salt dough.

You will also find lots of tips and techniques to help you create your own salt dough craft ideas.

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Coloring Salt Dough Recipe

I have used plain dough for this project but you can use colored dough if you prefer.

Once you have made your dough you can color it, click on the link for Mia's colored salt dough recipes.

There are two different options using either acrylic or powdered paints.

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Mia's Top Tip

If you are using a hard boiled egg for your mold, it's not a great idea to leave it in place when you put the mold in the oven.

I tried this and left it in the oven for less than hour but it starts to swell and we had difficulty removing it.

A better idea would be to remove the egg before baking.

Line your egg cup with baking foil whilst keeping the shape.

Scrunch up more foil to fill up the inside of the cup so it doesn't collapse during cooking. 

Materials and Equipment

  • Salt Dough
  • Water
  • Hard Boiled Egg or Egg Shaped Mould
  • Knife or Flat Modelling Tool
  • Small Pastry Cutter or Glass
  • Rolling Pin
  • Wooden sticks
  • Baking Paper
  • Baking Tray
  • Access to an oven
  • Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Varnish
  • Varnish Brush
  • Mineral Spirits for cleaning varnish brush

Need Supplies?

Go to salt dough egg cup supplies to find all you need for this craft.
We've been asked several times where to get the supplies to make these crafts. We've read through loads of reviews to bring you the best products at affordable prices.
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Salt Dough Crafts - Egg Cup Tutorial

Roll out the dough to a thickness of about 8mm (1/4").You will find tips on how to do this here.

Use the small fluted cookie cutter or a small glass to cut out a circle.

Remove the excess dough and neaten the edges if necessary.

Roll out another piece of dough in a rough circular shape to a thickness of about 8mm (1/4").

Cut out a rough star shape as in the photo.

Use the hard boiled egg or egg shaped mould to get the right shape.

Once completely dried you can paint your salt dough egg cup if you want.

Finish with two coats of varnish to seal the dough and stop it absorbing moisture.

Baking Your Salt Dough

Bake in the oven at 100oC for around 12 hours or overnight depending on the thickness of the dough.

The dough should be completely solid when baked properly. You can test a piece by trying to insert the tip of a safety pin into the bottom of the dough ornament, if the pin pushes into the dough easily then continue baking.

Another test is to gently tap the bottom of the dough ornament with your finger, it should sound hollow if thoroughly dried.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

You can decorate your egg cup in lots of ways, try using colored dough instead of painting.

You can personalize your egg cup by painting your name or initials.

Everyone loves breakfast in bed, make it extra special with a handmade egg cup.

Make some of the other salt dough crafts to match your salt dough egg cup for an extra special gift.

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