Mia's Salt Dough Recipe

Mia's salt dough recipe will show you the easiest way to make colored dough with step by step instructions and photo's. This recipe is really easy to follow and gives great results for your salt dough crafts.

Colored dough can save a lot of time when making salt dough ornaments as it's so much easier than painting the finished item.

You can still add paint once baked to bring out the colors. 

You can use powdered paint or acrylic paint both will give good strong  vibrant colors using just a small amount of pigment. 

Many salt dough recipes use food coloring but we have found the colors are quite pale which is fine if you want a pastel look.

Preparation ~ Recipe for Salt Dough

If you haven't yet made your dough click on the link for Mia's recipe for salt dough.

You will find easy to follow instructions and photo's to show you how to make the basic salt dough.

You will also find lots of tips and techniques to help you create your own salt dough craft ideas.

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Mia's Top Tip

Use only a little paint at a time and add more as necessary as a little paint does color a lot of dough.

You can use ready mixed kid's paint in the same way as you would use the acrylic paint in the recipes below.

If you want to try food coloring try making smaller amounts of dough and add the coloring to the water before mixing with the flour. If you do use food coloring on ready made dough then it is a very good idea to wear gloves as the coloring does stain hands and clothes.
You will need to add more flour as you mix the coloring in as it is very watery.

Materials and Equipment

  • Salt dough
  • Paint
  • Extra Water
  • Extra flour

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Salt Dough Recipes with Acrylic Paint

Put a tiny amount of acrylic paint onto a lump of dough.

Only use a little bit at a time as the colors are quite strong.

Knead into the dough.

You may have to add a little bit of flour if the dough gets to wet.

Keep kneading until you have a nice even coloring throughout the dough.

Salt Dough Recipe with Powder Paint

Add a small amount of powder paint to a lump of dough.

If the color is too light you can easily add more paint.

If it gets too dark you may have to add a lot more dough to lighten it.

Mix the paint into the dough by kneading it carefully.

You may have to add a little water if the dough gets too dry.

Keep kneading until the color is smooth and constant throughout the dough.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

Coloring salt dough is a great idea for fiddly items that would be hard to paint when the pieces are all together.

You can add finer detail with paint once the colored salt dough ornaments have been baked.

With my handmade craft ideas for salt dough you can have lots of fun experimenting with different colors.

Try getting marbled effects, stripes or gradually blend one color into another. Kids will love the bright colors of the dough when mixed with paint too.

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