Salt Dough Sculpture

Mia's salt dough sculpture is fun and can be adapted to make a whole range of salt dough ornaments. All our handmade craft ideas have easy to follow instructions and photo's.

This sheep ornament is a little tricky to make.

Salt dough will not bake well if it is too thick and it's not as solid as clay.

By making an armature out of wire you can easily make larger ornaments.

You'll soon be making your very own dough art for yourself or to give as gifts.

You will find most of the ingredients and materials you need for this project in your kitchen.

Preparation ~ Recipe for Salt Dough

If you haven't yet made your dough click on the link for Mia's recipe for salt dough.

You will find easy to follow instructions and photo's to show you how to make the basic salt dough.

You will also find lots of tips and techniques to help you make your own salt dough creations.

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Coloring Salt Dough Recipe

We have used plain dough for this project but you can use colored dough if you prefer.

Once you have made your dough you can color it, click on the link for Mia's colored salt dough recipes.

There are two different options using either acrylic or powdered paints.

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Mia's Top Tip

When making the salt dough sculpture make sure the dough is quite firm so it doesn't keep slipping off the wire, add more flour if necessary.

Don't worry to much about the detail to start with just get the shapes right.

You can add more dough or remove bits as you model the dough once it's in place.

Materials and Equipment

  • Salt dough
  • Water
  • Wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers for shaping the wire
  • Paint brush or pastry brush for water
  • Knife or flat modelling tool
  • Pointed modelling tool (you could use a cocktail stick or toothpick)
  • 2 small beads for eyes
  • Baking paper
  • Baking tray
  • Access to an oven
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes if painting
  • Varnish
  • Varnish brush
  • Mineral spirits for cleaning varnish brush

Need Supplies?

Go to salt dough animal supplies to find all you need for this craft.
We've been asked several times where to get the supplies to make these crafts. We've read through loads of reviews to bring you the best products at affordable prices.
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Salt Dough Sculpture Tutorial Page 1

Cut of a length of wire approx 60cm (24") in length.

Bend the wire approx 15cm (6") from one end.

In the shorter length from the bend make a small loop approx 3cm (1/4" ) in diameter.

Twist the end of the wire over to secure.

Make a rough spiral this will be the sheep's body.

Leave a length of wire 10cm (4") sticking up from the center.

Bend the remaining length into a rough spiral that sits up right to the body.

This will support the sheep's head.

Roughly flat out a piece of salt dough.

Wrap the dough around the body of the wire.

Make sure that all the wire of the body is covered.

The dough can be quite thick as seen in the photo.

Use a little water to smooth the join so it can't be seen.

Add a smaller piece of dough over the head wire.

Use water again to join the head to the body. Model the dough with your fingers to get a nice round shape.

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