Slip Knot

Learn how to make a slip knot with these easy to follow step by step instructions and diagrams. These have many uses in loads of different craft projects. 

When pulled tight a slip knot is great for securing things on a temporary basis.

Great for a necklace clasp or to hold something in place while you are working.

You can use any type of thread or cord for this knot though it will be easier to practice with string. 

They are quite simple to create once you know how. Some of the steps may seem quite fiddly, though once you have done one it does get a lot easier. I have used diagrams instead of photo's for this tutorial to make it easier to follow.

Mia's Top Tip

We use this knot instead of a clasp for some of our necklaces.

Combined with other knots it works well to give a rustic finish.

As you can see in the photo it works well with leather cord.

This is useful for holding things together temporarily whilst gluing as it is easy to remove later.

Slip Knot Tutorial

Make a loop in the cord.

It's a good idea to tie a knot in the very end of the cord to stop the knot from coming undone.

Pass the end of the cord along the back of the loop.

Double the cord back through the loop, creating a new loop.

This may seem a little tricky at first but if you follow the diagram it should make it clearer.

Adjust the new loop to the size you want.

You can make adjustments by carefully moving the crossed threads either up or down the cord.

These are shown on the top thread in the diagram.

Adjust the cord again so it pulls tight against the cord.

The loop should be easily adjustable by pulling on the loose end of the cord.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

The beaded bracelet in the photo was made using this technique for the clasp.

The knot at the end of the cord stops it from coming untied.

I have used overhand knots between each bead and to stop the beads from falling off.

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