Spider Web Dreamcatcher ~ Part 2

Make a 12 point spider web dreamcatcher with this step by step tutorial. There are lots of fiddly bits so I have used diagrams to make each step as clear as possible.

These look fantastic hanging by a window, they catch the breeze and spin slowly for ages.

These dreamcatchers make gorgeous gifts.

What could be a better gift than the wish for pleasant dreams.

These were traditionally given to babies to hang over their crib.

The spinning web is lovely to watch and is supposed to keep all the bad dreams away. This is the second page in the series, to start at the beginning go to part 1

Spider Web Dreamcatcher Tutorial
Part 2

Secure the thread to the top of the hoop near the loop.

Wind your thread onto your shuttle to make the weaving easier.

The amount of thread needed will depend on the size of your hoop. If you have enough to go around the outside of the hoop about 9 to 10 times then that should be plenty.

1. Pass the shuttle under the hoop near the point to the left of the top, creating a loop between the hoop and the thread.

2. Bring the shuttle over the hoop.

3. Pass the shuttle through the loop created in 1.

Hold the thread at the top of the hoop so it stays put.

Now pull the thread you just made a loop with down towards the next point. 

Make sure it locks in place by the point you marked on your hoop as shown in the photo.

The tension should be just tight enough to create a straight line but not so tight the thread will distort the hoop or snap.

Repeat steps 5 and 6 at the next point, move your other hand around to hold the thread at the point you've just done.

Continue until you return back to the top of the hoop.

You should have 12 loops around the hoop at the 12 points you marked earlier.

To secure the thread to the top of the hoop follow the arrows in the diagram.

1. Pass the shuttle behind the hoop, creating a loop between the hoop and the thread.

2. Bring the shuttle over the hoop and through the loop created in 1. Pull the thread tight securing it to the top of the hoop.

Pass the shuttle over the thread between the first two points on the hoop.  

Repeat this so the thread is wrapped around the line twice as shown in the diagram.

Pull the thread back towards the last loop on the hoop, so the thread makes a line parallel to the line of thread above it. 

The photo was taken after completing a few rounds but the technique is the same.

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