Spider Web Dreamcatcher ~ Part 3

Spider web dreamcatchers are really fiddly to make. This tutorial breaks it down into easy to follow steps with clear photo's or diagram. 

There are not many tutorials around for these type of dreamcatchers as it's difficult to take photo's while making it.

The technique may seem quite tricky at first but it's repetitive and once you've seen how it's done it does get easier.

I found the whole process very relaxing once I had got into a rhythm.

I can really appreciate the Native Americans idea that the creation of a dreamcatcher should be done in a contemplative mood. This is the third page in the series, to start at the beginning go to part 1

Spider Web Dreamcatcher Tutorial
Part 3

Pass the shuttle from the front, over the line of thread to the back, as shown in the photo.

This creates a loop of thread between the points.

If the photo isn't clear enough for you to see the detail look at the diagram in the next step.

Pass the shuttle around the back of the hoop and over the line of thread, then under the loop you just created as shown in the image. 

Wrap the thread twice around the thread in the loop as shown in the diagram. 

Pull the thread tight towards the next point.

Not too tight just enough to create a straight line between the points.

Repeat steps 12 to step 15 until you get back to the top. Then continue until you have a web of 7 to 8 rows.

I got sllightly carried away and stopped at 9 rows on this dreamcatcher.

As you weave the web occasionally stop to pull the radial lines out towards the center of the web.

As you get closer to the center you may have to stop using the shuttle if it will no longer fit through the gaps.

You can use a tapestry needle instead to finish it off.

Once you have finished your 7 or 8 rows you will be ready to secure the web.

Pass the thread through the radial lines of the web as shown in the diagram.

Gently pull the web together making the central hole smaller.

Continue all the way around the web until you are back to where you started from.

Secure the thread as shown in the diagram.

Leave around 30cm (12") of thread for the bead and feathers.

Thread on a bead so it sits in the center of the web.

This is optional but in traditional dreamcatchers the bead represents the spider.

Secure the thread as shown in the diagram.

To make sure the weaving doesn't come unravelled you may want to do this knot twice.

Tie feathers to the remaining thread to finish your spider web dreamcatcher.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

You can add more beads to the web by threading them onto your cord as you work.

This does make the process even more fiddly but looks great.

Thread the beads onto your cord before wrapping it around the shuttle.

You will have to weave with the beads as well.

Just leave a bead on the straight lines at intervals as you weave. Try making these dreamcatchers with other materials such as wire, ribbon or rags. If you are making these for Halloween spider webs then my pom pom spider will look great sat beneath the web.

If you enjoyed this you may also like my other dreamcatcher tutorial.

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