Tissue Paper Flower Centers

These tissue paper flower centers are easy to make, we use the same technique to make the center of our crepe paper flowers. A smaller version can be used in the center of paper roses, a larger version slightly flattened in the center of a daisy.

The stem makes it easy to fix the petals around the center and allows you to secure the stem easily.

These flower centers can be made in a range of different colors to give your paper flowers a different finish. 

They can be made using scraps of scrunched up tissue paper that you may have just thrown away. You will also get different effects by using 2 different colors of tissue paper for each center.

Mia's Top Tip

The paper you use scrunched up on the inside doesn’t have to be square.

You could use odd scraps of any size and shape as it won’t be seen.

Try different colors, darker colors will show through the outer covering of paper and can give an interesting effect.

Materials and Equipment

  • 2 squares of tissue paper – the size will depend on the size of your flower
  • Scissors (optional)

Need Supplies?

Go to paper flower centers to find all you need for this craft. 

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Tissue Paper Flower Centers Tutorial

Take the square of tissue paper in the color you want your flower center and lay it out on your work surface.

This piece doesn't have to be exactly square and it doesn't matter if it is crumpled.

It's a great way to use up those left over pieces from other projects.

Scrunch up the other piece of tissue paper into a ball.

Don't scrunch it to tightly but get it as round as possible.

Place the scrunched up ball in the center of the tissue paper square.

Bring all the corners of the square tissue paper up around the ball.

Mold the square tissue paper gently around the ball and twist the corners together to create a stem for you to hold.

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