Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue paper flowers look great for ages, spray with flowery perfumes or diluted essential oils and they will keep your room looking and smelling fresh. 

Spray above the flower so only a fine mist lands on the petals if the tissue paper is not color-fast.

You can make these flowers in a variety of colors and sizes to match any decor.

These tissue paper flowers are really quick and easy to make once you get the hang of the technique.

They are sometimes called folding paper flowers as you fold the tissue paper into a concertina to start with.

Mia's Top Tip

Here is a photo of a tissue paper flower we had just made during the summer.

The bee seemed to enjoy the bright colors, it landed on the flower and walked around it for a few minutes to check it out.

Using light to dark or dark to light colors gives a realistic look to your flowers.

Use good quality tissue paper as it is stronger and less likely to tear. The type sold to use as wrapping paper is usually good quality.

Materials and Equipment

  • 8 sheets of tissue paper – each sheet should be at least 15cm (6”) by 20cm (8”)
  • A sheet of card 15cm (6”) by 20cm (8”) – only needed if your tissue paper is larger than the required size
  • 4 paper clips – only needed if your tissue paper is larger than the required size
  • Scissors
  • Artificial flower stem – 25cm (10”) long

For the stem you can use green florist wire, pipe cleaners, garden wire or you can make your own. If you would like to make your own Artificial Flower Stems the link will open in a new page so you won’t lose this page. For this project you will need a piece of wire 25cm (10”) long.

Need Supplies?

Go to tissue paper flowers supplies to find all you need for this craft.
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Tissue Paper Flowers Tutorial

Lay out your 8 sheets of tissue paper in the order you want.

Use paper clips to fix the sheet of card on top of the tissue paper.

Using the card as a template cut out all the sheets of tissue paper together.

Fold the tissue paper approx 2cm in then turn over and fold again.

Continue folding until you have a concertina shape.

Trim the edge if necessary.

Using the artificial flower stem wrap it around the center of the tissue paper and twist to secure.

Cut the ends of the tissue paper to give a rounded edge.

Open out the tissue paper on both sides of the central wire.

Very gently lift the first layer of tissue paper up and away from the rest.

Continue lifting each individual layer on one side until you have separated each layer.

Repeat step 7 and 8 on the other side of the flower.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

Try alternating the colors or just use one color for the whole flower.

You could try changing the way you trim the petals in step 5.

To make smaller flowers, scale down the measurements and the number of sheets of paper.

To make larger flowers use more sheets of tissue paper and increase the size of each sheet.

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