A Valentine's Day Project

A perfect Valentine's day project for you to make for someone special. These little homemade hearts stand up on their own and make a great valentine's day gift. These little hearts really are a labor of love as they take a great deal of patience to make for the first time.

Once you have made one and see what each fold does then they do become a lot easier to make.

This is the second page in a series on how to make origami hearts with step by step instructions and diagrams. If you would like to start back at the beginning go to origami hearts for page 1.

Mia's Top Tip

The easiest way to make a rectangular piece of paper square is to fold it diagonally so the shorter edge is lined up along the longer edge.

Make a fold along line A and crease using your finger.
The paper should tear neatly if the fold is sharply creased. You can cut along the crease with scissors if you prefer. 

Origami Hearts Tutorial Page 2

Fold the flaps down on either side and crease firmly.

Let go of the paper and it should pop out to look like the pyramid shape in the diagram. 

Hold the folded paper along the bottom edge.

Gently push the center point down and let the pyramid shape invert.

Fold the point down as in the diagram.

Open out the folded point on the right, creating a little pocket.

Lift the point to the right of the pocket and tuck it into the pocket.

Fold flat and crease firmly.

Repeat for the other point on the left.

Hold the bottom edges of the pyramid about half way along the edge.

Push towards the top half of the pyramid.

Fold the right corner point in and crease firmly.

Make a crease in the top part of this fold as shown by the dotted line in the diagram.

Tuck the top point down under the paper beneath it.

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