Worry Dolls For You To Make

Worry dolls are traditionally given to children but would make a lovely gift for anyone going through a stressful time. They are sometimes called trouble dolls as you tell them about your troubles and they take them away.

You can learn how to make these toys for your own children and encourage them to share their worries. 

We have lots of problems that bother us to some degree everyday.

Sharing with friends and family can help a lot but sometimes you just can't find the words or feel that you won't be taken seriously.

Just talking about your what's bothering you can sometimes help even if there is no-one to listen.

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Worry Dolls ~ Page 3

Repeat the wrapping process for the leg, you can make the legs a bit thicker than the arms by adding extra layers of thread.

Tie off around the waist.

Repeat for the other leg but don't tie off the thread when you have finished.

Using the same thread wrap a little way up the body to create the top of the trousers.

Work a little further that you need then tie off.

Using the same color thread as you used for the arms tie a piece around the waist.

Wrap the thread around the body of your doll.

When you get to the arms and shoulders wrap around the arms across the shoulders in a figure of eight pattern until the whole area is covered. 

Work up and down the body and around the shoulders until you have covered all the pipe cleaners.

Tie the thread off under the neck and trim the end of the thread.

Your doll is almost ready, using your fabric pens draw on a face.

Check that the hair is neat and tidy you may want to trim the ends.

You can move the arms and legs so it can sit up on the table.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

Try making a whole family including pets.

Here's a photo of some more that I made including baby and even a dog.

Just create the basic shape using pipe cleaners and then wrap the thread around.

You can add a piece of rectangular fabric around the waist to make a skirt, tie in place with a piece of thread or ribbon.

What would you like to do now?

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