Making A Yarn Doll

A yarn doll is a great way of recycling oddments of yarn from other projects. This is a nice and easy craft idea that the whole family can enjoy.

I remember learning how to make these dolls when I was a kid. My sister and I would have hours of fun going through our Mum's left over wool.

They make a great rainy day craft and can be quite easily made from fabric scraps or string as well as yarn.

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Making a Yarn Doll Tutorial Part 2

Carefully separate the remaining strands and loosely tie a piece of thread around them.

Do not pull it tight as you will need to remove it later.

Now make the arms by wrapping the wool around the shorter side of the book.

You will need the wrapped threads to be almost as thick as before. 

This time do not cut the ends gently slide the wrapped yarn off of the book.

Tie both ends tightly as shown in the photo.

The strands in the center is for the arms and the bits at the ends will become the hands.

Cut through the ends and neaten to make one of the hands.

Repeat for the on the other side for the other hand.

Thread the arms through the body just underneath the head.

Secure in place by tying another piece of thread around the body and under the arms. 

Remove the tie that you used in step 8 to separate the threads. 

Cut the threads at the bottom of the body and separate into two to make the legs.

Tie thread tightly around the legs as shown in the photo.

Leave enough at the ends for the feet.

Trim the ends of the feet to finish your doll.

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