How to Make Yarn Dolls

These yarn dolls are easy and fun to make with my step by step tutorial. They are really cheap to make as you can use any left over yarn.

If you don't have any wool or yarn at home have a look around your local charity or discount shops.

This is a great project for recycling as you can even make them from small oddments of yarn tied together or try fabric strips.

Once you have made one you will see how easy they are even the kids could make them with a bit of help. 

Doll crafts are great for little girls but even the boys will have fun with this craft idea. 

Mia's Top Tip

I have used a book to wrap the thread around but you can use a piece of card instead.

An old greetings card will do if you wrap the thread around it lengthways but you can use any folded piece of card.

Open the card a little and cut the threads. If you are using short lengths of yarn try to keep all the ends along one edge. 

Your dolls finished size will be a little shorter than the length of the book you wind your yarn around.

Materials and Equipment

  • Yarn
  • Small lengths of yarn in different colors
  • Scissors
  • Book or card for winding the thread around

Need Supplies?

Go to yarn doll supplies to find all you need for this craft.
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How to Make Yarn Dolls Tutorial Part 1

Insert one end of the thread into the pages of the book or between the open end of the card.

Start to wrap the yarn around the book.

Start wrapping the yarn around the book.

You will need to wrap quite a lot of yarn so if you need a break just carefully put your book down.

You can see how much yarn I have used in the photo.

You can use more or less depending on how you want your doll to look.

The longer your doll the more yarn you will need. 

Cut the yarn from the book at one end.

If you are using a book you can open the pages a little to get the scissors in to cut.

Gather all the ends together keeping them as neat as possible. 

Using a different color piece of yarn tie them all together as shown in the photo.

Trim the end of the yarn you used to tie them with.

The ends above the tie will become the yarn dolls hair so if you want longer hair tie a bit further down.

Tie another piece of yarn under the last one as shown in the photo.

The space between the ties will be the dolls head.

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